Moon Water

Kaveri River, considered sacred as the Ganges by South Indians

Take me to the river, drop me in the water
Dip in to the river, push me in the water 
Hold me, squeeze me, love me, tease me 
'Till I can, 'till I can, I can't tell 
Come on and take me to the river, drop me in the water 
Dip in to the river, push me in the water

-- Al Green

Yesterday was Shivaratri, a time when Shiva devotees fast and go to the temple all night to pray and chant.

Take me to the river!

My devotion was a to make a farewell offering to the cats and dogs at the People for Animals shelter/hospital. In the cat enclosure I found a dying cat, paralyzed from the waist down. (Cannot write more about it...) The healthy dogs and cats looked good, and as I sat with Ginger kitty I fantasized about fostering her and others less fortunate on our next visit.

Drop me in the water

It is a New Moon Day when the sun and the moon are aligned and their pull on the earth's oceans and us (90% water) is at its greatest. And so I rest. 

Hold me, squeeze me, love me, tease me

By the way, there is no crying in baseball, cricket, or Urdhva Dhanurasana — "only an excess of water."  This patched aphorism is part "A League of Their Own"  and part Sharath Jois who (loves cricket and) often shouts "No crying!" during  Mysore and led class back bending.

In class, Sharath does not talk much to students, but he repeated one word three times as he assisted me in Urdhva Dhanurasana recently. This mundane word spoken by the right person at the right time - a moment of openness, had an instantaneous effect. Magical.

Push me in the water

Oddly, I feel most connected to two people here with whom I have never exchanged more than a few words, if that. It is remarkable what can be shared and felt without speech.

Come on and take me to the river 

I cherish all the people I've met here in silence and otherwise, each one a teacher. I will miss the early morning group crunch as we all move toward the Shala door and the steamy shared energy of daily practice. 

But I will not miss bucket baths!

Push me in the water!

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