*Anicca (in Pali)

Saturdays and Moon Days (full and new) are days of rest for Ashtangis and a great time to allow body and spirit some quiet time. The moon has waned to half today, so this Friday it will be new again.

A few nights later, in the gently waxing moonlight, I will begin the series of trips leading to another continent, another world, and yet I may still be in the same place. Although, the "same place" is ever different, as stable as quicksand....

Here, the changing feel of mornings and evenings is without its cool edge, and some of us are grateful to have a canopy of clouds between us and the sun at midday when we are walking to a painting class, haggling with an auto rickshaw driver, and/or rushing to an Ayurvedic cooking class.

I've always been amazed by the ancient Indians' predilection to categorize all things. It certainly is apparent in Ayurvedic medicine. The positive of all that naming is that it can assist us in looking at the world from a neutral, non-judgemental point of view. An example is the three energetic categories of sattvic, rajasic, and tomasic - peaceful, active, and slow. We need them all to function. (Though sattvic/peaceful for most people usually takes on a more desirable aspect than the other two.)

I am feeling sattvic and tomassic at the moment, a good time to meditate, do a drawing, and rest before tomorrow's 3:15 AM rising for 4:30 AM led class.

I read that if you struggle against quicksand, it gets worse.


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