Garuda Flying Off with a Tree Branch Full of Yogis
(see the yogis hanging upside down in branch at upper left)

The time has come! Two weeks from today we will be flying, two would-be yogis being carried by Garuda (OK, carried in a tin can—BOAC). I will be posting images and reports from India here, including notes on the weekly lectures, and just stuff about yoga, Mysore, news about whether we will get to attend the Dalai Lama's dharma lectures at Sera Monastery (near Mysore), and what ever else comes up. 

We will arrive in Mysore on January 2, so please if you are interested, check back for the nitty gritty in early January. 

The days have been so packed (buying a house, applying for a job, working, and more) that my practice has suffered. The backbend —that golden apple— still eludes me! I shall be happy with where I'm at and grateful to be there. Age has done (at least) one thing for me: I  am so humbled by and grateful for the practice that I do believe the ego I (probably would have had if doing this stuff when much younger) is just not there. 

Below are some amazing links.

The first is an article written by Richard Freeman's wife, Mary. It is a beautifully thought out response to a question about yoga and aging. 

Here's the last paragraph (italics mine): 
So as you age you may find it harder to do certain poses like you’ve always done them, to move so swiftly through the forms as you did 10 years ago, or that you are actually feeling lazier than you used to. All that’s good to see and to work with, with a sense of kindness and curiosity within the context of breathing, and an integrated practice. Once you’re hooked, (and 12 years counts) yoga is with you forever—it’s already ruined your life! Short answer: Always look again.
Finally here are two very interesting, lovely posts about practice in Mysore. 

Some nitty gritty information

Dealing with arrival in Mysore, ego, and acceptance at the Mysore shala
(Look for the December 18, 2013 post)

So! Wish me luck! The adventure begins (always) now!


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