video overview of exhibition—Yoga: the Art of Transformation at Smithsonian
pose is listed as Garbhasana...Garbha Pindasana(?) (but it also looks a bit like Marichasana D

A few weeks ago there was a flurry of posts about Ashtanga and aging. Well, not exactly a flurry—three (which actually is a lot when one considers the dearth and silence of older yogis.) 

Reading the first post, it was very gratifying to know that someone else is thinking about these things:


The second—


was somewhat interesting - perhaps less so than the first because the writer is still quite far from my age, and because of that, I may have dismissed her concerns (as if  they were from a whiny child.)  

The third—I lost track of and can't find the link. Alas! It was a good one. Will post when I find.


Did I say I discounted complaints? Here's one that you can blow off: I now have what the internet calls "golfer's elbow." The knobs on the inside of my elbow are ridiculously sore and the many chaturangas in First Series are not helping. They're killing me! 

Backbending got some help in a workshop recently, but fear I will not have lift off from floor by lift off from airplane in late December. That's when journey to Mysore and KPJAYI begins.

The trip is coming together, and I am both scared and excited. Two months!

More on all these subjects to come.


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