I'm hearing birdsongs these days! Awakening is happening. Thrilled by snowdrops, croci, cardinals, robins, daffodil blades, and swelling buds, am seeing the light of all things change. I know in my head it happens, but it is ever an amazement, a miracle. 

Today is astrally special. The moon is new AND it will eclipse the sun in some parts of the world. Additionally, the equinox, a day made for those who cherish balance and the perfect equality of light and dark, will arrive in 12 days. It's a great time to honor life, which is perhaps what Easter season is supposed to do (with cultural rituals, I must add, that have become so rote, they seem unrelated to the magic of what is actually occurring.) 

So, in the spirit of yin and yang, light and dark—and without judging either to be positive or negative—it is great to be back in North Carolina AND I miss Encinitas, yoga, the weather, and the ocean. These feelings exist without value one way or another. But they do exist!

Something very bright happened recently in the dark hours—a dream in which I remembered another dream. How is this possible? Recalling a previous dream within a new one? The remembering was so powerful when I awoke, it took several minutes to understand that the rediscovered dream (resolution with a long lost friend) had not occurred in "reality."  My awareness shifted with the dawning light: the dream state had facilitated healing, subconsciously unrealized until now. Gratitude for this gift of love and healing.

And is this guy below another dream of light and dark? Coincidentally, he showed up wet and cold at the same time I returned from California. A friend suggested the name "Mao" because his dark "hairline" is reminiscent of Mao Tse Tung's. Chairman Miao? Sweet boy. He could probably rule China. 

Mao, the Adopter. Again. #4. 

Finally, to balance without judgement—the yes and the no, I'm about ready to cut my arm off to spite my shoulder. It is my brand new 7 week old injury! WHEN will this body get back to whatever once was normal? 

All will be well. I know it. Spring and vernal equanimity are coming! 

and this too is yoga


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