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Article is a development of post from 2/20/13

There is something so grounding in writing about an experience - even if the truth of it has passed before writing is finished. Slightly before the above article was published on-line, I started adding more forward bends to my home practice, returning more to the "true" First Series.

And then yesterday as if the "powers-that-be" were affirming my practice adaptations (written about below and elsewhere), +Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide (Greg Nardi) posted this link on FB, an essay by +Matthew Sweeney

Without one making a judgment about whether the changes in Ashtanga over the years are right or wrong, the essay makes a clear statement about what is going on within the lineage. Interesting. Truthful. 

Another article written by Zoe, The Unruly Ascetic also posted by Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide continues the discussion of "rules" and flexibility within the lineage. Zoe says there is an absence of dogma in Sharath's teachings in Mysore in her blog

What there is—it seems is organic change. Sharath's instruction to students may be unique to each one. 

I am looking forward even more to studying in Mysore and have great respect for Sharath already. 

Also I remain delighted by the practice, its lead teachers, and its wise students. 



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